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Create abstract paintings that you are proud of

Whether you are a beginner or an artist ready to go to the next level

Learn the exact techniques artists are using to create magic 

What I wish I knew..

As a professional artist, gallery-owner, marketing specialist and life-enjoyer, I have taught more than a thousand people to find their passion in painting. From the one with the first brush in their hand, to experinced painters, gallery-owners and full-time artists.

Magical Paintings is everything I wish I knew in the beginning of my art journey.

You learn all you need to know from small painting techniques to painting a big painting together step by step. If you already are an artist - you will benefit from all the small trick and tip that I show you.

If I had known all this in the beginning, it would have saved me frustration, money and given me a sooo much better start! 


This is for you...

  • Even if you never touched a brush before

  •  Even if you do not feel creative

  •  Even if you have been painting for several years

  •  Even if you have your own gallery

  •  Even if you feel stuck and lack inspiration 

  •  Even if you do not have time for yourself

If you wish to

  • Make your own abstract paintings 
  • Have more confidence in your paintings
  • Learn simple tricks that makes big difference
  • Learn to master colors that looks amazing on your canvas 
  • Learn how to sell your art

Get the same results as these former students...  

From the Scandinavian version of the course


"I love the live sessions - its like being in the same room with her 

I have been painting for several years, but this course has given me so much and a boost!

I recomend it to everybody!"


Catherina Lobben, Belgium


"A big thank you!  

This course opened up an ocean of inspiration for me!

I really, really recommend it!"


Eva Olsson, Sweden

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To give you a black-and-white glimpse of what’s inside,

Here is the Course Outline:

Week 1

We start painting together

Get a colorful start in painting because, in this module, you’ll learn different painting techniques and fundamentals that will indeed create multiple dimensions to your artwork. We will also paint an artwork toghether with step-by-step intstructions.

‚ú®Painting process we paint toghether

‚ú®Brush strokes

‚ú®Use a sponge and a cloth

‚ú®Silk paper/paper technique 

‚ú®Stencils and leftover paint 

‚ú®How to save money 

‚ú®About copying and giving credit 


Week 2

The difficult 2 stroke

In this module, you’ll get different strategies for contiuing artworks you have started. You’ll be surprised that you will be able to produce a jawdropping artwork from something you did not think could work all tied to learning how to avoid dirty colors and transition techniques.

‚ú®Painting process - over leftovers or an artwork you gave up

‚ú®Kill your darlings

‚ú®Change the colors


‚ú®How to avoid dirty colors


Week 3

Magical colors and compositions

Learn how to mix-match different color hues to create an eye-catching impact with your artwork. Mastery of colors and compositions is every painter’s main skill.

‚ú®Color theory

‚ú®Compositions theory

‚ú®Color mixing

‚ú®How to embrace the dirty colors

Week 4

Magic in your paintings with mediums

In this module, you’ll be dealing with different mediums to add textualism to your painting. The different mediums will help you convey different emotions from your viewer.




‚ú®Modeling paste 

‚ú®Glossy medium

Week 5

Trick that makes magic

Understand the importance of layering to your painting. Color drawings and paintings benefit greatly from the use of layering- because of the depth and richness that it creates.

‚ú®Layer upon layer

‚ú® Gloss/wash/thin layers

‚ú®colors - complementary 

‚ú®Finishing your painting

Week 6

Selling your art

Build a profitable art career by knowing how and where to sell your artworks. Learn the different ways you could make other people buy your painting.

‚ú®Different ways of selling art 


‚ú®Social media