There are so many tools to pick from when it comes to making art. Let me show you my favs!!

First of all, you dont need to purchase everything in the beginning. It is very easy to go way overboard purchasing art supplies. You need very little to get started, so do not let a limited budget stop you from pursuing your dreams or to develop in to the art world. 

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Why Trust My Recommendations?


I understand the struggles in an art journey. I've been there, experimenting with various mediums and tools.

Let my experience guide you as you embark on your creative exploration.

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Hi, I'm Hege

I've been there - a complete beginner  🙈🙈 - not knowing what to buy, not daring to ask... Who was I to believe I could paint? I believe that so many are like you and me - and I'm going to help you out of it.

The journey to a new hobby doesn't have to be as long for you as it was for me. I struggled on my own for way too long.

Today, I make a living from art, selling paintings, and I've taught more than 1800 wonderful women and men to paint and, most importantly, to have confidence in the quality of their work. From the ones holding their first brush to experienced artists with a background in art school. Gallery owners and full-time artists.

Now, I'm excited to see you enjoy yourself and find passion in painting ❤❤❤...